In all advertising, one basic principle applies: the communication must be designed in such a way that

  1. it awakens the interest of the target group
  2. that the target group notices it
  3. spends as much time with it as possible
  4. ideally, act in the interests of the advertiser.

This rather traditional maxim is all the more relevant in the social media.

So, the answer to the question is yes and no…

As with traditional advertising, the key mechanism is reader reward. If I receive something (especially for free), I take the trouble to take a closer look at it. In advertisements, this is usually generated with creative techniques such as surprise and humour. Likewise, successful social media posts reward readers with similar techniques as well as valuable content. And in the B2B environment it can really be effective.

Also true for social media: to place communication in a target-group-oriented manner and without wastage but more about posts to follow.

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