What, exactly, is Growth?

A lean, B2B think tank and creative network

The Growth Group defines itself as a think tank and conceptual consultancy as opposed to a traditional advertising agency. We are specialists in the field of business-to-business advertising and are in a position to offer international expertise, with extensive experience in corporate communication in all its forms. Not only has this afforded us a unique insight into corporate/subsidiary brand management and advertising but has given us the opportunity of hands-on involvement in restructuring cases and all levels of export/international sales support and promotions.

Growth covers all levels of communication (across all platforms, both internal and external) and combines long term communication strategies with tactical measures to ensure ongoing, quantifiable results.

Growth not only functions strategically on a communications level, it never loses sight of the commercial and business goals of its clients.

We believe that true creativity lies in the art of communicating a brand’s selling propositions in a dynamic, interesting and memorable way – your brand, for example…