Project Brough Lodge: Press ReleasePress Release from Brough Lodge Trust August 15 2023

Press Release from Brough Lodge Trust August 15 2023


BROUGH LODGE, an early 19th century laird’s mansion constructed by Arthur Nicolson in Fetlar, is now off the market. The building plus land attached has been sold to the European Heritage Project, an organisation with an excellent track record in working with important historic buildings. The European Heritage Project is led by Professor Dr Dr Peter Löw. Brough Lodge is their first British venture.

Pierre Cambillard, who chairs the Brough Lodge Trust, said:

“From the outset, trustees have seen restoration of the building as a way of turning what many have understandably seen as a historical liability into a positive asset for an island that has faced many challenges.”

Prof. Löw said:

“Preserving the endangered European heritage is the major aim of our initiative. Under this requirement, we have been able to restore a considerable number of most important monuments like castles, monasteries, palaces or manors all over Europe and beyond.  More than ten monuments have already been classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.”

Prof. Löw continued:

“Brough Lodge fits very well in this list of very important sites, as it is not only one of the most northern examples of neogothic architecture in Europe but also an important sample of medieval or premedieval culture.  Restoring these premises should therefore also contribute to a better understanding of life in earlier times on the northern edges of Europe.”

Drew Ratter, treasurer of the Brough Lodge Trust, said:

“Detailed plans will be drawn up in due course, but we understand that the focus will be on an authentic restoration of the property.  The restored Lodge will provide an exceptional standard of accommodation and a real boost to the Fetlar economy and the Shetland economy.”

He added:

“Pierre always had a hope of a philanthropist with real vision picking up the project from us. I would have been willing to settle for something less than this ideal, but to all our delight, Pierre has been proven right. All credit to him.”

The Brough Lodge trustees are delighted that the building is to be restored.  Pierre Cambillard reflects that it has been quite a challenging journey.

“However, we always believed that a better future for the building, and for Fetlar, was possible.  Along the way, we examined several options, one of which was a “knitwear retreat” aimed at catering to the international community of textile enthusiasts.  And as many people will know, that led us to set up Shetland PeerieMakkers, which brought back hand-knitting tuition to Shetland primary schools.”