Brochures and Corporate Publishing

From glossy brochures to sales flyers and data sheets. The printed brochure is still the backbone of marketing collateral in the B2B field. The elements must effectively communicate the company image and, at the same time, be a real help and support for the sales team.

Especially when creating brochures that are used all over the world we are challenged to combine aesthetics with communication that is understood universally, quickly and easily.

Worth mentioning specifically is one of the unsung heroes of corporate publishing: Newsletters. Many an agency scoffs at these – especially in print. Our experience however is that this medium is more credible than an advert, can carry more information than most, is more active than the internet and is a great way to entertain the target market while subtly delivering the brand message.

Today, eBook technology make this medium even more exciting. Please contact us for more information.